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Fumari Shisha WGB | White Gummi Bear Hookah Flavour

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In this review, I will be sharing my thoughts on Fumari’s White Gummi Bear, a delightful hookah tobacco flavour that can be found at the online shisha shop > Fumari is well-known for producing juicy tobacco that generates massive clouds of smoke with minimal effort.

FUMARI WGB Hookah Flavour Profile

White Gummi Bear (WGB) is one of Fumari’s flagship shisha flavours, and although it has experienced a decline in popularity, there are still numerous reasons why it was once highly praised. Fumari is a washed golden Virginia hookah tobacco, and at its finest, WGB provides a delightful combination of sweet & sour pineapple flavour without a buzz.

It is quite sweet as well, but not to the point of being overwhelming or artificial. However, I find that smoking it for an extended period tends to dull the flavour, resulting in a somewhat soapy taste a bit, therefore don’t expect it to last for more than 50-60 mins.

How to Get the Best Flavour from FUMARI’s White Gummi Bear Tobacco

When using the Kaloud Lotus, I recommend packing the Fumari slightly above the rim and using three x25 mm shisha coal of your choice. It should smoke for around an hour, which is ideal for the Glina phunnel bowl. If you’re using foil like me, pack it slightly under the rim and use three ECOCHA 25 mm hookah coals (for higher heat and if you’re indoors) or four ECOCHA 22 mm charcoal cubes for better temperature control.

FUMARI Mixing IDEAS with White Gummi Bear

FUMARI Mixing IDEAS with White Gummi Bear

  • 50% White Gummi Bear x 50% Ambrosia

A refreshing summer smoothie can be made by blending soft, sweet melon and juicy pineapple. For an awesome mix, try combining equal parts of Ambrosia and White Gummi Bear shisha tobacco and enjoy while relaxing in the shade.

Holysmoke Shishabar Verdict

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a flavorful tobacco that produces thick clouds of smoke with minimal effort, give Fumari’s White Gummi Bear a try. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and please support us by following us on Facebook / Instagram

Shisha Tobacco Flavours FAQs | Hookah 101

Fumari offers many fruity flavors for you to explore and try: Strawberry Jam, Mango, Peach, Watermelon, Melon, Apple, Mandarin, Pineapple in their tropical mix of White Gummi Bear.

Here are the few mixing suggestions for you to try. Give us a comment what worked for you!

And of course, we’d love to hear about your personal hookah recipe! We’re all about sharing the love here and discovering new and exciting shisha flavours to add to our collection.

  1. Delicious flavour: White Gummi Bear has a unique blend of sweet and citrusy pineapple flavors that is highly enjoyable for many smokers.
  2. Thick smoke: Fumari is known for producing tobacco that generates massive clouds of smoke with minimal effort, making it a popular choice for anyone who enjoys hookah.
  3. Ease of use: Fumari tobacco is easy to prepare and does not require extensive knowledge or experience in packing bowls or managing heat. This makes it an accessible option for beginners.

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