You are currently viewing Top 10 Best Selling AFZAL Shisha Tobacco Flavours in Cyprus 2022

Top 10 Best Selling AFZAL Shisha Tobacco Flavours in Cyprus 2022

Afzal hookah tobacco has gained great popularity in the worldwide hookah market. The main reason that Afzal is so popular is that it is light and full of aroma. After 30-40 minutes of the smoking session, there is no weakness and apathy, so you can smoke it any time of the day. Manufactured in India by Soex India Pvt, Ltd since 2002 and exported to more than 140 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. For more information about the company, please check out


With more than 77 flavors under the product range of Afzal Tobacco Hookah Molasses and Soex Herbal Hookah Molasses, they are continuously innovating and developing unique flavors that will set high international benchmarks in quality and customer demand. Afzal shisha really differs from other hookah tobacco brands in its very bright and rich flavors. Many of them, such as the Pan Raas and Grape Pan Twist with Indian spice blends, are unique and loved by hookah enthusiasts from around the world. Afzal’s unusual aromatics make it interesting to complement the familiar mixes of other shisha tobacco brands.

AFZAL STRONG hookah tobacco.

Afzal Strongโ€™s striking flavor comes from the combination of selected rich dark leaves that gives a vivid experience to those who dare to embrace it.

Afzal is a dyed well-chopped french Virginia leaf (grown in India!) shisha tobacco. The mix is not perfectly clean of stems and sticks. Afzal isn’t very heat sensitive at all so 3-4 25cm hookah charcoals cubes (depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using) are usually enough. In our shop, Afzal represented in the convenient standard packaging of 50 gr. This affordable 50gr box is a great way to try different flavors and create custom mixes. Usually, a 50-gram box of shisha will last for 3 to 4 hookah bowls depending on how you pack it. And now we would like to introduce our top 10 list of AFZAL flavors!

So, without any further delay, please let us introduce our pick of top 10 best-sellers from Afzal Hookah Tobacco flavours 2021-2022!

TOP 10-6 Afzal Shisha

  • Gingerelle
  • Cranberry
  • Kiwi Fusion
  • Ecstasy
  • Lemon Pie

TOP 5-1 Afzal Shisha

  • Earl Grey
  • Citrus Punch
  • Red Cherry
  • Lime Lemon
  • Orange

#10 Gingerelle

One of our favorite flavors from Afzal. Fairly sour, goes very well with mint, very interesting and unique. Tastes like an authentic ginger drink. We suggest try it!

#09 Cranberry

Afzal Cranberry is quite a rare flavor, sweet upon inhaling and with a slight bitterness on exhale. Mixes well with berries or grapes. Recommended!

#08 Kiwi Fusion

It is a great mix of strawberries and kiwi, very lightly enhanced with mint. The perfect sweet and sour with a small touch of mint freshness. Exactly what you need!

#07 Ecstasy

One of Afzal’s top flavors is a mix of cherry, liqueur, strawberry cream, and icy freshness. Overall, brisk berry flavor, with notes of milk and freshness. A great choice for party fun!

#06 Lemon Pie

The hookah is your dessert today. Lemon pie. Nothing unusual, you would say? Afzal’s Lemon Pie shisha tobacco is very good, sweet, lemony, creamy, juicy, crispy – many words can be written, but it’s better to just TRY!

#05 Earl Grey

It has finally arrived in Cyprus – legendary Earl Grey from Afzal. The rich flavor of bergamot does not disappear from the first to the last second of the smoking session. It goes well in mixes with citrus fruits that give to your English Tea Cocktail such desired acidity and freshness as well as thick clouds. Light, long-lasting shisha flavor works perfectly on 4 pcs. of charcoals and smokes for about an hour. Great flavor, highly recommended!

#04 Citrus Punch

Just an amazing summer and vibrant mixture of citrus fruits, mint, and soda pop. The result is a fresh, unique taste of refreshing mojito. Brilliant flavor by Afzal!

#03 Red Cherry

Afzal Red Cherry is a pretty rich cherry flavor with a tone of sourness. But there is also a note of cherry seed. Nevertheless, the taste turned out to be good, definitely must have!

#02 Lime Lemon

Freshness with each breath this what Afzal Lime Lemon is. The rich aroma, acidity, and tropical notes make this shisha flavour on 2nd position. The excellent taste and completeness of the bouquet are just shocking. Works especially well in mixes.

#01 Orange

The classic, sharp flavor of juicy sunny orange, when opened, reminds an uncorked can of fizzy Fanta. The smell is natural, without a hint of chemistry, while smoking you can also catch a slightly bitter note of zest. Best orange shisha tobacco of al times!

Definitely, Afzal Shisha Tobacco is made for true dedicated old-school hookah lovers.

These Indian spices are just too good.

Overall, Afzal is affordable shisha tobacco with great smoking features and several unique flavors. Heat resistant, easy to handle, thick clouds – what else to desire to?

We would love to hear whats favorite and best for you AFZAL shisha flavor – feel free to share and comment!

Stay safe.

Hope you have found this article useful. If you are looking for a new shisha (hookah tobacco) experience, please feel free to browse our shisha tobacco collection.

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