You are currently viewing TOP 3 best shisha tobacco flavours 2023 feat. Aloha Exclusive Hookah Tobacco

TOP 3 best shisha tobacco flavours 2023 feat. Aloha Exclusive Hookah Tobacco

ALOHA Exclusive Hookah Tobacco flavours are expertly crafted in Spain using nothing but premium ingredients. From seed to tobacco curing, their experts for three generations have planted Virginia tobacco in the fields of San Giustino – Perugia region of Italy. Find out more about Aloha >>>

ALOHA is the only brand in the hookah market that uses its own tobacco plantations. This makes it unique among the other even more well-known shisha brands.

Aloha Exclusive Hookah Tobacco – Bestseller Flavours of 2021-2022

This rating is independent and based on our hookah store sales as well as on feedback from our customers. The methodology for forming the rating is statistics on the sales of ALOHA hookah tobacco for 2021 and 2022. The TOP 3 list allows you to decide which flavours are most in demand. The ranking does not include ALOHA flavours that are not available in our online shop.

03 | ALOHA SPLASH – Orange Cream

Aloha Splash rounds out the top three with a burst of creamy yet zesty Orange. Yummy!

02 | ALOHA SPARROW – Tropical Fruits

Aloha Sparrow is also at the top of the list with 2nd place – tropical mix in your bowl – a blend of Pineapple and Mango with a cold effect of Fresh Mint.

01 | ALOHA ATLANTIC – Cherry Candy

The new Aloha Atlantic flavour has been a strong seller over the last year. Its light buzz and well-designed Cherry Candy flavour have made it a favourite of most hookah lovers in Cyprus.

Overall, this flavour is a great alternative to Tangiers Maraschino Cherry, Darkside Code Cherry or Spectrum Dezzert Cherry.

If you have not yet discovered this crafted in Europe Aloha Hookah Tobacco, we definitely recommend trying it. It is juicy, it is light and it has been made with love to the hookah users. Hope you have found this article useful.

If you are looking for a new shisha (hookah tobacco) experience, please feel free to browse our shisha tobacco collection.

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