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Compact Aladin MVP 360 Review – the Best Hookah of 2023

The Aladin MVP 360 hookah has been voted by our awesome customers as the best hookah of 2022 so far, and there is no wonder at all thanks to its versatility, premium finishes, modern design, features and mini size.

You will definitely enjoy this unique shisha for its performance both at home as your everyday workhorse and on a pleasant evening outdoors within the company of friends.

Aladin MVP 360 mini Hookah (Shiny Bottom Black Glass Base)
Aladin MVP 360 Series Hookah

Although there are several hookahs that compete in the same category, the MVP 360 stands out from its competitors for having all the features we ask for in a hookah. It also stands out for having premium hookah features such as the adjustable stainless steel diffuser, which allows us to have:

  • Closed – draw with classic resistance;
  • Opened – for a silent modern draw.

As you can see, we have a high-quality product with exquisite performance, as well as is very packaged with included complimentary tongs, a simple heat manager – badcha, silicone hose, anti-kink spring and a basic hookah bowl.

Aladin MVP 360, MVP 370, MVP 460, MVP 470 Bowl Set and Hose set
Aladin MVP Hookah (Clear Glass Base) Adjustable Diffuser

Aladin hookah MVP 360 Technical Details:

  • Height: 36 cm;
  • Weight: 1.8 kg;
  • Durable glass base with a 360ยฐ fast screw closure system;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Adjustable diffuser in 3 positions;
  • Complete set “ready to go” hookah.

Advantages of Aladin MVP 360 Hookah:

  • Performance: The adjustable diffuser allows us to have 3 draw options. We can remove the regulator for having a very open and quiet smoke with very low resistance. Therefore, as we close holes, we will achieve an increasingly restrictive draw, with greater resistance, a greater amount of smoke and bubbling.
  • Design: The Aladin brand is mostly known for its classic looking hookahs. That is why with the launch of the MVP series it has managed to provide a trendy approach to its products line. The use of high-quality materials gives it a modern, clean and elegant design and offers unquestionable durability. Your hookah will remain free of rust and corrosion, if provided with the relevant care and wash, of course. Our guide on how to wash and take care of your hookah is here >>
  • Quality/Price: It is truly the hookah with the best quality/price/performance ratio on the market for those of you who like compact hookahs since MVP 360 has many of the features of more expensive shishas. Premium materials, an adjustable diffuser and also the full set package that includes everything you need to enjoy a decent smoke without having to buy accessories except charcoal and hookah tobacco itself.
  • Perfect Size: with only 36 cm in total height, you can transport it without any problem and enjoy it wherever you want.
  • Easy Cleaning: The use of stainless steel and glass allows us to carry out cleaning with very little effort. We will simply have to change the water in the base with each use. It is recommended to carry out a thorough cleaning with a brush kit (buy here) once a month or when we see embedded dirt.
  • Premium Finish: Finally we would like to highlight its ease of assembly. All its parts fit perfectly, thanks to the fast threads that give us stability and tightness. The hose connector comes in polished 18/8 ground joint format for a perfect fitting without hustle.


All things considered, we are getting a product that has managed to position itself as the best-valued hookah of 2021 and 2022 so far. Aladin MVP 360 brings the quality and performance together offering us a shisha with quality bowl/hose connections and with NO air leaks.

Very few hookahs can compete in that category and those that do happily break the โ‚ฌ150 barrier.

There are smaller hookahs and there are better hookahs, but without a doubt, for less than โ‚ฌ100 you wonโ€™t find anything that can compete against this beast as a full set or portable hookah.

Stay Safe, dear mates! God bless us all these days!

Definitely, ALADIN Hookah MVP 360. Nothing can beat this tiny beast shisha with such a perfect size/performance/value/durability/price ratio.

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