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Different Types Of Hookah Bowls (#2 Form’s types)

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Hookah bowls (also known as hookah heads or shisha bowls) come in different shapes, sizes and materials; and can have a big impact on the quality of your shisha smoking session. Each type of hookah head has its pros and cons, and finding the right bowl for you shouldn’t be based on price alone. This article explores various different types of shisha bowls so that when it’s time for you to buy a new hookah (or just a new bowl), you’ll know exactly what you’re shopping for.

Most popular Hookah bowls shapes and forms

Options are endless when you consider size, shape, material and overall look. Each shisha bowl has its place in the hookah industry and may work better or worse with certain flavoured tobaccos. We will try to break down each hookah bowl style. You decide which one is right for you.

1. Classic.

A classic clay bowl usually has thick walls without any coating. The classic form with a rounded bottom is suitable for most tobaccos and as well as methods of packing. Egyptian and Turkish are often referred to as classic bowls.

2. Phunnel.

As we already know, a classic hookah bowl has several holes at the bottom. Phunnel hookah bowl only has one large central hole (the funnel). In theory, excess molasses should be contained in the base of the bowl and be prevented from dripping down the stem, and that helps to maintain the flavor for an extended period. These bowls work well for any type of tobacco.

3. Alien.

One of the most popular accessories designed for solo and short smoking sessions. Aliens are smaller versions of phunnels and have a more shallow design, and therefore fit less amount of shisha (8-12 grams).

4. Evil or Killer.

Evil is a bowl with a flat bottom and thick walls that provide even tobacco heating. As a result, shisha is being entirely heated up and provides stronger smoking sessions. This bowl is one of the modern versions of classic Turkish bowls. The most well-known brands of Evil bowls are KONG, ST, NJN, DON.

5. Chimney set.

Chimney sets are a great addition to compatible hookah bowls and offer many benefits over the traditional foil. Chimney sets are easier to set up, safer to use (prevent coals from falling off), and allow shisha smokers to quickly rotate the coals.

6. HMD – Heat Management Device.

Typically made of aluminum or stainless steel, this device is used as a foil replacement. The coals go inside the HMD, and you can manage the heat via the cap/vents provided. HMD’s main purpose is to help make it easier to enjoy the perfect bowl. Most of these will have the added advantage of helping your coals last longer or allow you to use fewer coals saving you time and money.

7. How does the choice of shisha bowl depends on hookah tobacco type: which bowl to choose for Dark Leaf or Blond Leaf shisha? How to pick the most universal hookah bowl?

There are important factors to consider:

7.1. The amount of juice or syrup in hookah tobacco. Phunnels are indeed the best for moist, juicy shisha.

7.2. Heat resistance of tobacco. Heat-resistant flavors behave well in Evil (killer) bowls or glazed bowls, while non-heat-resistant shisha might get burned quickly in those.

7.3. A method of packing the hookah bowl. For instance, it wouldn’t be easy to fluff pack shisha in a shallow Alien bowl.

7.4. Remember, that knowledge and skill come with practice. Choose a bowl that suits your needs and preferences on our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you are seeking assistance or advice.

If you are new to hookah, the best option for you would be the classic Turkish Boy bowl by KONG or ST Classic bowl. They are reasonably priced (€13,90 and €15,90), very easy to use, and are excellent for both blonde and dark leaf shisha tobacco.

Hope You have found this article useful. If You are looking for a new bowl for your set-up, please feel free to browse our bowl collection.

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