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FOIL or HMD | Let’s Finally Close this Hookah Topic

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Hello, our dearest hookah mates and lovely readers. Hope everything is going well!

Hookah HMDs have been around for quite some time and have solidly integrated into our shisha lifestyle because they are fundamentally the same as a foil. But with its own nuances, of course. Let’s take a closer look at this original device, compare it with aluminium foil, and figure out who finally WINS here.

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What’s a heat management device (HMD) for hookah?

HMD is a device made of aluminium or stainless steel that is mounted on top of a hookah bowl. KALOUD Inc. was the first company to invent the HMD. The full name of the device is Kaloud Lotus. It consists of two parts: the main part – the body, where coals are put, and a lid with movable flaps. With this lid, you can easily control heat during the smoking process. If the smoke becomes too harsh or heavy, you should open the flaps on the lid, or remove the lid completely.

What is the purpose of using hookah HMD?

The main purpose of HMD is to replace aluminium foil. So you don’t have to buy the foil, fold it in several layers and make holes in it. Less hustle – more hookah joy.

Hookah HMD Pros and Cons

First of all, it is a very handy device that has a number of advantages:

  • Versatility. The hookah HMD has a universal size that fits most of the standard bowls. Even the fruit ones!
  • Economy. Buying one Kaloud Lotus or any authentic hookah HMD that you’ll use for several years is a lot cheaper than buying a foil every time. Plus, you don’t have to throw it away after every smoke – you can just wash it.
  • Convenience. You don’t have to fold up the foil and make holes in it. You can just set up your HMD and put coals in it. Very quick and convenient!
  • Health. Hookah HMD is said to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide compared to foil. The fact is rather controversial but has a place to live.

But apart from the advantages, the HMD has its disadvantages:

  • Price. In order to buy a genuine HMD (such as Kaloud Lotus, NaGrani, Kolodka by MattPear or Zeppelin in da Clouds) for your hookah, you’ll need to spend at least 35-70 euros.
  • Wash and Care. You need to keep an eye on it, maintain and clean it appropriately.
  • Safety. Be careful and donโ€™t burn yourself. The lidโ€™s silicone handle expands with heat and can come off during smoking.

Aluminium hookah foil advantages. Let’s give it some love as well:

  • Price. Very cheap speaking at kitchen foil, especially in relation to HMDโ€™s cost. But try to get the heavy-duty aluminium foil and you will notice the difference immediately.
  • Convenience. Easy to control the density, can be folded in 2, 4 or more layers, depending on the need.
  • Usability. Suitable for making fruit bowls. Regardless of the size and type of a hookah bowl, it works perfectly.
  • Ritual. Many smokers love the ritual of hookah preparation, and foil makes it SO special! FoilPorn! That is why aluminium foil is still popular although most of the hookah lounges and bars use mostly HMDs.

What hookah HMD is best to buy?

Choosing the right HMD is the next step. Several options are available at our online store with worldwide shipping options. Click to shop now >>>

Hookah Foil vs HMD – Who WINS? Final Conclusion.

Today we examined one of the most convenient hookah accessories – a heat management device (or HMD).

What is the best option: HMD or Foil? For us, HMD. The choice is yours – both are great in their own way!

We hope you found this article useful. Give it a thumbs up and leave your opinion below. Stay Safe! Make Peace!

Just set it up on top of the hookah bowl, put the charcoals on and wait 3-5 minutes. Your hookah is ready!

Dense or fluff pack methods.

2-4 coals should be enough. The classic method for HMD: start and pre-heat your bowl with 4 coals, then smoke – on 3.

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