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How to clean your Hookah: beginner’s in-depth guide.

Taking care of your hookah is very important for many reasons. First of all, regular maintenance and washing/cleaning is the best way to prolong the life of your hookah set. Second, a clean hookah is how you keep taste of your shisha pure throughout your sessions since a particular flavour can stick in your hookah, even after you pack another bowl. Finally, smoking unclean hookah can lead to negative health implications. Regardless, cleaning your hookah is extremely important and can be the difference between a failed session and a good session.

Before you enjoy your FIRST smoking session be sure to clean your new hookah scrupulously with warm water (including purge valve ball and threads).

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to wash your glass base or any hookah’s detail with washing-up liquid known as dishwashing soap, dish detergent and dish soap (Fairy, Somat, Eureka etc.) !

PLEASE NOTE that you have to wash your hookah/base/bowl only after they have cooled down completely!

1. How to clean a hookah hose or mouthpiece: Clean and Care.

Make sure you have a washable hose. You do not want to damage your hose by adding water to it if it cannot tolerate it! Generally, a rubber hookah hose or a silicone hookah hose will be safe to wash.

Silicone hoses are easier to maintain. It is enough to hold them under running water until clean water flows out of the hose. Hold the hose underwater with the side to which the mouthpiece is attached. If needed, we remove the accumulated dirt on the inside of the hose with a brush. For more deep and severe cleaning use a baking soda solution. Rinse the hose after cleaning. Drying should be natural, with the hose in the unfolded or vertical position.

2. How to clean a hookah stem.

Stem (hookah shaft) cleaning can be the most time-consuming procedure. The fact is that here the smoke is cooling, and the substances contained in it settle on the walls of the tube. So the cleaning can only be done with a special long brush or with a twisted piece of cloth or rag.

If you are a lucky owner of disassemblable hookah, please disassemble it as this will make cleaning much easier and more effective. 

3. How to wash or clean a hookah bowl.

Never clean/wash your bowl when it’s hot. Let it sit to cool down completely! It is easy to wash your hookah bowl under warm running water. Use your metal sponge to scrape off any caked-on tobacco that’s left inside. Please use a rag sponge for glazed bowls to avoid damaging and spoiling the surface. The holes of your bowl can be cleaned with toothpicks.

4. How to wash or clean a glass base (vase, flask).

This does require more focus when it comes to the cleaning of the glass base. That’s because not having a tight grip, especially when the base is wet, may cause a crash. Use lukewarm water and the brush, add baking soda if needed.

5. How to clean Kaloud or any other Heat management Device (HMD).

If you want to get a thorough clean, boil your HMD for five minutes and it will make the caked-on tobacco extremely easy to remove. If you don’t want to do that, just use a steel wool/grill brush/metal kitchen sponge to get the job done and remove remained tobacco and syrup.

5 Great Tips (Life-Hacks) for cleaning and washing your hookah:

  • For severe dirt use food graded soda carbonate (baking soda) water solution.
  • Is it possible to deal with hardened deposits of your glass base? Add 1 glass of dry rice/buckwheat mixed with baking soda into your glass base and warm water. Now cover with your hand and shake well for 2-3 minutes. 
  • Adding lemon juice during washing process. The acid helps clean, fresh scent, with a natural twist to it. Be sure to fully rinse the juice. Allow adequate drying time.
  • You can use a shower for stronger water flow.
  • Change water in the base of your hookah for each session.

How to Clean Your Hookah In 3 minutes by FUMARI.

Hope You have found this article useful. If You are looking for accessories to clean your hookah, feel free to browse our care and clean accessories.

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