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Why do I need a hookah wind cover? Get this accessory NOW for amazing results!

Hookah wind cover and its purpose.

When buying a hookah, you should consider purchasing an accessory that is essential for getting a better smoking experience, such as the wind cover or shisha windshield. It makes our life so much easier. Many people do not know its proper purpose and, naturally, wonder whether it is necessary to buy one.

Let’s explore if it’s worth your time taking it.

These are the main functions of a wind cover for hookah:

  • Reducing the heat loss from charcoal combustion increases the smoking time;
  • Putting on and taking off the wind cover periodically allows to monitor and control how the tobacco smokes;
  • Prevents the possibility of being burned by coals when smoking;
  • Protecting from unwanted consequences if coals accidentally dropped off the bowl.
  • In addition, by imposing a windshield over the charcoals, the temperature can be maintained at a constant level. For outdoor smoking, this is incredibly important.

Since the wind cover must always match the size of the hookah itself, they are also available in small and large sizes and are available in various designs. The wind cover is usually made of metal such as steel or aluminium. You just need to cover it over the hookah bowl.

Important practical application of the hookah wind covers.

If the smoking process is organized in an open space, this great accessory will not allow the wind to blow coals more – heat loss is reduced and thus the smoking longevity is increased.

Heating the hookah tobacco, getting a hookah going, controlling and managing the temperature.

The answer to the question “why do you need a wind cover” is to accelerate the heating process prior to smoking. Using the wind cover heating begins to spread not from the top down, but immediately over the entire area around the bowl, which significantly reduces the heating time to 2-4 minutes. And also having a hookah wind cover and its proper use allows you to manage the temperature more precise.

An even better choice is a wind cover with a handle. This makes it much easier to put on and take off while smoking.

Do I ever need a wind cover?

In a nutshell, yes. If you’re a beginner, the accessory is certainly not a must, but over time you’ll find that it will improve the quality of your sessions. Get to the hookah store right away!

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