You are currently viewing New Oblako Flow hookah bowl Honest Review. Is it any good?

New Oblako Flow hookah bowl Honest Review. Is it any good?

A few months ago, our hookah community was shocked by the release of a brand new bowl, which has no analogues. World-famous brand Oblako decided to create something new, taking inspiration from the iconic creations of the past – Old School Phunnel. Intrigued? Let’s get into it!

Oblako unveils their philosophy behind the release of a new Flow hookah bowl

Today we present you our newest model “Flow” which embodies our redesigned old-school phunnel.

However, the ball has a minor problem:
1. The ball needs to be crumbled up from foil before being put in the hole;
2. This process has to be done every time.

We fixed this problem noting that the insert had to be changed, reworking it in a way that the tobacco is not in any zones like the ball where it will not interact with the heat. Thanks to this we achieved an even heat distribution and a good flavor intensity, says Oblako representative.

Many asked how does Oblako Flow work? Well, today Oblako is going to answer all our most common questions regarding this hookah bowl

Holysmoke Shishabar VERDICT on new Oblako Flow hookah bowl

We are always looking forward to new and promising releases in the hookah industry, especially if the product is really cool and gives a new experience or emotions.

But concerning a FLOW bowl, it feels more like a marketing scheme, not a useful innovation. It doesnโ€™t really work as you would expect of a hookah bowl within this price range because, in fact, the flavor output is not up to par with a classic hookah bowl. But what about the thick clouds? Seems like not as good as modern phunnels over there either. If you will find it for a reasonable price give it a try!

But we honestly suggest you consider purchasing old-school phunnels if you are looking for a new twist in your hookah smoking routine. Save yourself money and nerves. Professional marketing, beautiful glazed bowl with a huge variety of mindblowing colors combination but don’t meet the expectations and has same issues like Oblako phunnels.

Stay Safe!

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