Afzal Tobacco 50g DOUBLE BUBBLE (Bubble Gum)


Discover your young and yuppie side with this forever youthful sweet Afzal Tobacco Bubble Gum flavour, which takes your hookah session to the world of gumballs.

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Hookah Bowls Afzal HolySmokeShishaBar buy online cyprus store shishaAfzal Hookah Tobacco is preferred by hookah smokers worldwide for its ability in providing a full-bodied magical hookah experience through exotic flavours that are unique only to Afzal. Afzal Hookah Tobacco Molasses is a blend of quality Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and international natural flavours – giving Afzal Molasses a special flavour and taste. Afzal is well known for all its Pan shisha flavours.

  • The expansive line of 100 hookah tobacco flavours that make up Afzal Tobacco can be broken down into 5 categories: Fruit, Spicy, Cool, Sweet, and Beverage.
  • The 50g packs of Afzal Hookah Tobacco are perfect for sampling new flavours.
  • Experience various shisha flavours for a great price (a 50g box will normally last for 2-4 hookah bowls).
  • Packed in individual boxes with secondary packaging inside to keep the tobacco fresh. This package is not resealable so you will want to store it in an air-tight container at room temperature to ensure the tobacco stays fresh.

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