ALOHA Tobacco 100g Shaka Shaka is an amazing intense Peppermint shisha blend with a sweet and refreshing minty flavor. A great alternative to Tangiers Cane Mint, Trifecta Peppermint Shake, Adalya Mint. Can be successfully used as a solo flavour or to be a bright addition to any mix!


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ALOHA Exclusive Premium Shisha Tobacco 100g 50g LOGOALOHA Exclusive Hookah Tobacco flavors are expertly crafted and packed in fully recyclable aluminum tin cans using nothing but premium ingredients. With each puff, you’ll notice that every flavor is long-lasting and true-to-taste, delivering an authentic smoking experience that will elevate your taste buds. ALOHA company is an experienced European manufacturer that uses its own tobacco for its blends. From seed to tobacco curing, their experts for three generations have planted Virginia tobacco in the fields of the Perugia region of Italy.

ALOHA Shisha Tobacco is a best friend of the phunnel bowls, but works well on a classic clay as well! Happy Clouds!

ALOHA Shisha Tobacco 100g (blonde leaf) - buy online in Cyprus

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