Castro’s HAVANA SUNRISE (100g, Dark)


From oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines to lemons, limes, and mandarines, the smell of fresh citrus often brings thoughts of warm summer days, happiness, and positivity.

Castro’s Tobacco HAVANA SUNRISE = Havana Sunrise (Fruity Citrus Cocktail):

  • Rich Bold Smoke with Higher Nicotine
  • Signature Flavor Blend
  • 100% USA Made
  • Premium Quality & Consistency


Castro Tobacco is a bit heat sensitive so start with 2-3 hookah charcoals depending on your hookah bowl size/type and work your way up to your desired heat/buzz/taste level. Enjoy!


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Fantasia Logo Business shisha fantasia dark holysmoke shisha bar buy cyprus online store shop hookah accessories bowlFantasia is known for its innovative products and unique hookah flavors manufactured in the USA. Unlike other companies who import their tobacco flavored to be repackaged, Fantasia formulates and assembles their flavored products entirely in Orange County, California. Each flavor blend is applied methodically to the different product types in order to provide a consistent flavor experience. Every flavor is carefully tested for accuracy and quality prior to release. *100% USA Made!

CASTRO'S Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco by Fantasia (shisha tobacco)

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