Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoal Cube 22mm (96 pcs, 1 kg)

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Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoal Cube – your everyday natural charcoal supply! And now, it comes with an even more precise heat management size – a cube of 22mm.

  • Odorless and 100% organic.
  • Does not have any after-taste.
  • Burns hot, stable, without sparks.
  • Do not crack in half after heating.
  • Convenient both for smoking on foil or using HMD (Heat Management Devices).

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Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoal 22 mm buy charcoal shisha hookah online CyprusCoconut tree “Nucifera” (Island of Borneo) is a special breed of coconut palms growing on Borneo Island, Indonesia. It’s considered worldwide to be the best raw material from this region for the production of coconut charcoal for hookah. The charcoal produced is distinguished by an incomparable high quality. The charcoal from Cocos nucifera (Borneo) palm nuts burns hot, shows excellent burn time, doesn’t influence flavor, and produces a sweet and unique smoke. This unique flora of the Borneo Island was mentioned by Marco Polo in his diaries in 1521. He was the first European explorer to visit the island. According to local legends, he was impressed by the potential of coconut palms. Following tradition, Ecocha coconut charcoal is made from the shell of the Cocos nucifera (Borneo) palm nuts. Only pure organic ingredients like tapioca (manioca organic starch) and water are used for its production. Solicitously made, with love for you! Ecocha is 100% organic, free of chemicals and propellants.

Safety Instructions:

  • Do not light charcoal with any petrol derivative, this is dangerous and can affect the smell of the charcoal;
  • Do not leave unattended in the presence of children;
  • Do not light in a confined space without adequate ventilation.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 19 cm

2 reviews for Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoal Cube 22mm (96 pcs, 1 kg)

  1. Dimitris

    Lasts a long time, doesn’t stink

  2. Alexandros (verified owner)

    Very good 22m charcoal for a precise heat management. I like it!

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