Fantasia 4PLAY (100g, Blonde)


It’s not butterfly kisses and spooning my friend…it’s 4Play. It’s what it takes to start the night off right…or go for round two. Women need it, guys love it, and without it, you’ll be left doing the one-man shuffle all alone wondering what went wrong. It’s fruity, it’s good, it’s enjoyable, it’s MELON MIX, its Fantasia Tobacco 4PLAY shisha flavour!

  • Rich Smoke with LOW Nicotine
  • Signature Flavor Blend
  • 100% USA Made
  • Premium Quality & Consistency


Fantasia Tobacco isn’t very heat sensitive so 3-4 hookah charcoals depending on your hookah bowl size/type are usually enough for a perfect and smooth session as long as it is not over-packed. Enjoy!


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Fantasia Logo Business shisha fantasia dark holysmoke shisha bar buy cyprus online store shop hookah accessories bowlFantasia’s Tobacco is manufactured with only premium ingredients. The golden blonde tobacco leaves come from a French Virginia seed that is high in sugar and low in nicotine compared to most tobacco. More Juice, More Flavor – Fantasia purposely includes extra juice in their Hookah Tobacco to ensure a high intense flavour experience. The extra juice allows the flavour intensity to last longer and allows the tobacco to remain moist and not burn quickly. the signature flavour blend is the primary reason for Fantasia’s premium price point. *100% USA Made!

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