In Greek Mythology, drinking ambrosia was believed to make you immortal. With its sweet melon flavor, FUMARI BLONDE Ambrosia hookah tobacco brings smooth smoke so thick and delicious, you’ll be a modern-day god of the clouds.

All Fumari shisha arrives at you packaged in resealable flavor-lock pouches designed to keep air out and maintain the strikingly fresh flavor inside.

  • FLAVOUR: Strong, 10/10
  • SMOKE: Thick, 10/10


FUMARI MIXOLOGY with Ambrosia: This is mix is 33% Tangelo, 33% WGB, and 33% Ambrosia – adds something memorable to any hookah session.


FUMARI BLONDE Ambrosia (AMOROSA, 100g) perfect hookah Mixology

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FUMARI USA Premium hookah shisha tobacco LOGO Dark Blonde leafFumari Hookah Tobacco | Blonde Leaf | Get a shisha in Cyprus

In 2002, Fumari.com was launched making Fumari Shisha Tobacco and hookah products available to homes beyond Southern California. The mission to share the hookah culture now had no boundaries. Fumari Hookah Tobacco is made in the U.S.A. by using nothing but premium ingredients, from the tobacco leaves selected to the flavours that are mixed in.


  • FLAVOR CRAFTING: Tobacco is prepared with flavouring using a two-step ageing process that improves the absorption of ingredients and unleashes each flavour’s potential.
  • FLAVOR-LOCKED POUCH: Fumari flavours are replenished daily in small, limited batches and packed in flavour-lock pouches designed to keep air out and maintain the strikingly fresh flavour inside.


American Crafted Fumari Hookah Tobacco process

FUMARI Premium Hookah Tobacco is a best friend of the phunnel hookah bowls, but works great on a classic clay as well! Enjoy your Clouds!

FUMARI MIXOLOGY: Hookah Master Mix Series brings you Shangri-Love from Hookah Master Victoria Yukhno. This is mix is 33% Tangelo, 33% White Gummi Bear and 33% Ambrosia paired perfectly with a fresh grapefruit bowl. Perfect for adding something memorable to any celebration

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