FUMELO Premium Hookah Charcoal 1kg (26 mm cube , 64 pcs)


When it comes to enhancing your hookah experience, quality matters, and that’s exactly what Fumelo’s Hookah Charcoal brings to the table. With a convenient cube size of 26 mm, it’s designed to take your shisha sessions to the next level.

We highly recommend using a hookah charcoal burner/electric charcoal lighter to kickstart your charcoals, a process that typically takes just 6-10 minutes. This method ensures a quick and efficient way to get your charcoals ready, allowing you to enjoy your shisha session with minimal waiting time. Use only when all the sides glow red!

Why choose FUMELO Premium Hookah Charcoal?

  1. Eco-Friendly: We know you care about the environment, and so do we. That’s why Fumaelo charcoal is 100% eco-friendly, made from pure coconut shells with no added wood, sawdust, or harmful chemicals.
  2. Low Ash Content: Say goodbye to the mess of excessive ash. Fumelo boasts low ash content, ensuring a clean and smooth burn every time.
  3. Extended Burn Time: We understand the importance of a long-lasting, consistent heat source. Fumelo’s charcoal is known for its extended burning time!


  • Content: 1 kg (64 cubes)
  • Dimensions: C26 (26 mm cube)
  • 100% organic coconut product


WARNING: Please do not use, under no circumstances, highly inflammable liquids (such as petrol or spirit)!

Do not use it in closed rooms or near inflammable objects. Store dry. Use an electric burner to ignite the coals. Keep away from children!


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FUMELO Hookah & Stuff Official LogoFUMELO Premium Hookah Charcoal is the ideal choice for you for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, these charcoals are made from all-natural sources, ensuring a pure shisha experience. Their natural composition means no unpleasant chemical odours or tastes, allowing you to fully enjoy the rich flavours of your hookah at home.

Moreover, their 26mm size is just perfect, ensuring a hassle-free and consistent burn. This means you can count on a long-lasting and even heat source, making your shisha sessions more enjoyable.

Lastly, Fumelo’s commitment to quality and excellence makes these charcoals a reliable and trusted choice among hookah enthusiasts. When you choose Fumelo Charcoal, you’re choosing a product that guarantees both the purity of your shisha experience and the convenience of a well-manufactured charcoal.

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Additional information

Weight 1.120 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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