Hookah Tobacco – Darkside (CORE) – WILD FOREST (100g)


Savour the intense wild strawberry flavour within a juicy wild berry cocktail: forest berry flavour which is anchored by the luscious taste of ripe strawberries, with hints of blueberry, cranberry, and blackberry dancing in the background.

Darkside (CORE) – WILD FOREST | General Details

Tobacco Strength Strong
Tobacco Leaf Burley
Flavour Category Beverage
Tobacco Flavour Strawberries, Cranberries, Forest Berries, Blueberries
Smokiness Medium
Heat Resistance High
Country of Production Russia
Product Weight (net) 100 grams
Packaging Plastic Bag, Cardboard Envelope


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What is Darkside tobacco? Where does Darkside tobacco come from?

Darkside hookah Official LogoDARKSIDE is a brand that’s grown hand in hand with Russia’s hookah culture for over 8 years. Throughout this journey, it’s remained dedicated to delivering top-notch quality and transparency to its customers.

DARKSIDE offers a unique experience with its dark tobacco blend, designed for those who crave vibrant emotions and unbeatable quality. It’s known for its remarkable heat resistance, the wealth of expertise from its creators, and an extensive array of exciting flavours.

Is Darkside tobacco strong?

The secret behind DARKSIDE’s exceptional taste lies in its production process, which involves using the UNWASHED/BOILED technology on a Burley leaf blend. Their product lineup is neatly divided into three strength categories:

BASE: This line is all about a lighter strength, making it a fantastic choice for newcomers to the hookah scene. It consists solely of pure Burley leaf, with no other tobacco added.

CORE: The flagship line boasts a range of strengths and a wide palette of flavours, perfect for seasoned hookah enthusiasts and newcomers alike. It’s crafted from a blend of two varieties: Burley and Virginia.

RARE: For those who’ve long associated their leisure moments with hookah, DARKSIDE RARE offers a high-strength experience. It’s based on Burley but includes a touch of Virginia and Oriental tobaccos.

No matter which lines you choose, we recommend packing DARKSIDE’s flavours with care, leaving some space and avoiding direct contact with the hookah HMD. Heat it up with three coconut coals (25mm cubes) for a few minutes, and you’ll enjoy a consistent, flavorful experience that lasts for hours.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Why is Darkside Tobacco so popular?

DARKSIDE offers a wide spectrum of flavours to cater to diverse tastes. They maintain a consistent and stable leaf cut, ensuring a reliable product every time. Quality is a top priority, guaranteeing a high-quality experience with every smoke. Their aromatics are not only bright and rich but also easy for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. DARKSIDE also keeps things fresh with a continuous stream of new products, often becoming fast favourites among hookah enthusiasts.

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