HOOKAIN LOW LOAD phunnel shisha bowl (Velvet)


Introducing the HOOKAIN LOW LOAD – a cost-effective and efficient hookah phunnel bowl that guarantees optimal performance.

This innovative product maximizes the utilization of every bit of your tobacco, ensuring an even and efficient smoking experience.

“HOOKAIN LOW LOAD phunnel shisha bowl” | Product Description

  • Each bowl will hold approx. 6-11 gr. of shisha tobacco
  • It’s an ideal bowl for those who like to smoke using aluminium foil
  • A perfect fit for the Kaloud Lotus or any authentic HMD
  • Handcrafted in Spain
  • Stoneware Clay – The highest quality material that can be used in a shisha bowl
  • Low tobacco consumption


  • Colour: Purple, White, Light Blue, Black
  • Capacity Dark Leaf: 11 g
  • Capacity Virginia: 8 g


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Best Low Capacity | Shisha Bowl | Hookain Low Load


HOOKAIN MAIN LOGO ShopHookain is a renowned shisha tobacco manufacturer based in Cologne, Germany. Since its introduction to the German market in 2019, Hookain has gained recognition for its exceptional range of flavours, including popular options like White Caek and Green Lean.

The brand’s success has extended beyond Germany, with availability in over 20 countries worldwide.

Hookain’s tobacco stands out for its intense and captivating taste, making it a sought-after choice among shisha enthusiasts across the globe.


Why is the Hookain LOW LOAD so efficient?

The HOOKAIN LOW LOAD utilizes black Stoneware Clay, a timeless and highly durable material that enables optimal heat distribution. By efficiently utilizing the tobacco, this bowl allows you to reduce tobacco consumption, thereby minimizing the overall cost of your shisha sessions.

Compatibility with different Hookah HMDs (Hookah Heat Management Devices)

The LOW LOAD is compatible with all HMDS (Heat Management Devices). Although stainless steel devices are recommended for the best results due to the thermal properties of the clay, aluminium attachments will also function effectively. This versatility allows you to use your preferred HMD, ensuring an exceptional shisha experience tailored to your preferences.

The capacity of the LOW LOAD

The tobacco depot of the LOW LOAD is designed to accommodate varying amounts of tobacco depending on your preferred packing style:

  • When lightly packed, the bowl can hold 8g of tobacco.
  • Even with a slightly denser packing, 6g of tobacco is sufficient to fill the chamber adequately.

The mentioned amounts are based on tests conducted with the HOOKAIN NATURE BASE shisha tobacco. Therefore, slight variations may occur when using DarkBlend or Virginia tobacco.

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Additional information

Weight 0.265 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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