Introducing innovative hookah charcoal from Crown. Featuring a functional hole, the “Archimedes force” acts on the charcoal, promoting air circulation within the brick.

This design provides 15% more heat, enhancing your smoking experience.

What’s so special about MAX FLOW?

  • Content: 1kg / 64 cubes
  • Cube dimensions: C26 (26mm x 26mm x 26mm)
  • 100% coconut shells
  • Ignition time: min 2 hours
  • Sulphur content: almost 0
  • Calorific value: 7450-7550
  • Carbon / Fixed Carbon: 88-90%
  • Moisture: max. 1.8%
  • Volatile matter: 5%
  • Ash: 2%


Don’t use spirits, petrol, or paraffin for igniting. Keep out of reach of children! Don’t ignite charcoals inside a building without adequate ventilation.


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CROWN Premium Charcoal Logo OfficalHookah Company that sets the standard!

CROWN Premium Charcoal Company is an unfailing market leader in the CIS.

Their charcoal is produced in Indonesia using the latest burnoff technologies, ensuring the highest possible quality. TRY their innovative MAX FLOW coal!

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Additional information

Weight 1.13 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 11.8 cm


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