SEBERO BLACK Del Toro (hookah tobacco, 25g)


Del Toro (bubble gum with citrus): A delightful blend of wild berries and bubblegum syrup with a kiss of citrus.

SEBERO Black DEL TORO: Flavour Profile

bubblegum/citruses/forest berries >>

Characteristic Details
Strength Strong (7/10)
Packaging Plastic can
Tobacco Leaf / Analogue Blend (Burley & Oriental)
Flavour Range Citrus
Flavour Note Gum, Citrus
Weight 25g
Country and City of Production Russia, Omsk
Lineup Sebero Black
Flavour Persistence Not less than 55 minutes
Smokiness Great
Heat Resistance High
Nicotine Content Yes
Cut Medium
Syrup amount Medium


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Sebero Hookah Tobacco | Russian Premium Burley

SEBERO Russian Hookah Tobacco LOGOWhat makes Sebero stand out is its commitment to top-notch quality. They use the best raw materials and add natural flavourings to create this unique boiled tobacco, known for its mild strength. It’s all based on the Burley leaf, which adds a special touch to the smoking experience. They follow strict manufacturing standards, and every batch goes through rigorous quality checks.

This tobacco can handle the heat, and it offers a range of fantastic flavours, finely cut consistency, and a seriously long-lasting flavour profile.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SEBERO Black | New Stronger Line

SEBERO’s trademark all-day favourite and natural flavours are skillfully crafted in a new strength format by its expert technologists. For those who like a more solid hit! In 2023, the Sebero team expanded their range with exciting new flavours, including convenient ready-made mixes!

Heat Resistance

SEBERO performs exceptionally well at medium temperatures (2-3 coals, 25mm). What sets it apart is its impressive recovery after overheating. Simply bring the temperature back to normal, and you can continue smoking without losing the rich flavour.

Versatile and Easy to Use

SEBERO is your go-to, hassle-free option. It pairs seamlessly with various types of bowls and coals. When mixed with lighter tobaccos, it boosts heat resistance across the board. And when blended with strong, heat-resistant products, it holds its ground without a hitch.

Choose SEBERO for a straightforward and satisfying hookah experience >>


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 cm
Shisha Flavour

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