TANGIERS hookah tobacco CANE MINT 250g (Noir)


Tangiers Noir CANE MINT a robust and straightforward peppermint flavour.

One of the strongest & really loved by many mint flavours on the market. This is a refreshing, candy cane-style mint with a robust sweetness, extremely potent flavour and great smoking properties. Awesome for mixes, awesome by itself.

This product is designed to pack a solid punch, making it better suited for experienced users rather than beginners.


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#96 Cane Mint [250g] | Tangiers Tobacco Online

TANGIERS USA Shisha Tobacco Premium Noir Birquq Burley F-Line Premium Leaf HolySmoke ShishaBar Cyprus online Store Shisha Bowls Hookah Crafted in San Diego, CA, this legendary American-made hookah tobacco offers an array of one-of-a-kind flavours you won’t find anywhere else. Their line of hookah tobacco became world-famous because of their heavy, robust smoke with higher nicotine content, and their flavour Cane Mint revolutionized what makes a great mint flavour. There are no dyes or preservatives and it’s all handmade with United States grown tobacco. There are four lines of Tangiers tobacco currently in production:

  • Tangiers NOIR is the original line of shisha produced by Tangiers, instantly recognizable in its vibrant yellow/orange packaging with a handwritten flavour name. Has a medium nicotine content which puts it right between Birquq and Burley.
  • Tangiers Birquq is their newer extra premium line with smoother blends and lower nicotine levels. Similar to other unwashed shisha brands.
  • Tangiers Burley uses an even darker tobacco leaf, with a more robust tobacco flavor and heavy nicotine content. Has limited flavors and is not recommended for beginners.
  • Tangiers F-Line is infused with caffeine (yes, caffeine) to give it an extra boost you can’t find with any other shisha tobacco. Has limited flavours for a unique hookah experience.

TANGIERS USA Shisha Tobacco Premium Noir Birquq Burley F-Line Premium Leaf HolySmoke ShishaBar Cyprus online Store Shisha Bowls Hookah

How To Pack Tangiers Hookah Tobacco?

This shisha tobacco takes a slightly different preparation than loading up a fluff pack of Aloha or Fumari Shisha. Here is a quick tutorial video on loading Tangiers shisha in a Phunnel Bowls. For this brand, the phunnel bowl is a must, so grab the right equipment if you bring this shisha to your home or lounge. We use 3 pieces of natural coconut charcoals of your liking.
Enjoy the video on “How to Pack a Tangiers” and how to manage heat during the smoking session!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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